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Author and Illustrator Nights Informational Page

Thank you for visiting with us today at LICWI!  If you are here that means you must be interested in booking an Author and Illustrator Evening with our published members.  
An Author and Illustrator Night is a literary event to promote books and reading, a “living book fair” at which students, parents, and school staff meet the authors and illustrators of books and have the  opportunity to have books they purchase autographed. The attending authors and  illustrators receive no remuneration other than a welcoming buffet dinner  provided by the PTA of the host school and the pleasure of sharing the evening
with the children who enjoy their books. 

If you are an author or illustrator who wishes to participate in Author and Illustrator Nights, or a school that wishes to host an Author and Illustrator Night, please contact:

Linda Marie Frank at or JoAnn Krapp  at
In the Subject Field, please enter Author/Illustrator Night.

Thanks again for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you!

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